Dog Boarding at Camp Wolgamutt

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This is the entrance to Camp Wolgamutt. It is climate controlled so your pet will be warm in the winter and cool in the summer. In the foreground is one of the play areas for the dogs.

Boarding Entrance

This is the reception area in the kennel. We have a few items for purchase but will gladly go to the main building if there is any item you need. If you look next to the cabinet you can see the window where we can look into the kennel.

Reception in Kennel

This is the kitchen, grooming and bathing area.

Kitchen, Grooming, and Bathing Area

We have 30 runs that are 3' x 6', 4' x 6' or 8' x 6'. Some have built in beds. So no matter what size your dog is, we have a run that will fit. And if you have more than one dog and the wish to stay in the same run that can be done.

Dog Runs

Each run has a corresponding bin to keep the dog's personal items.

Bins for Dog's Personal Items

We have three outdoor play areas with grass and four play areas on concrete.

Outdoor Play Areas

We are so glad to have Camp Wolgamutt open and ready to board your beloved dog!

Give us a call and make a reservation now!
Boarding prices are per dog:
Small Dogs (1-25 lbs.): $19.75 per night
Medium Dogs (26-50 lbs.): $20.75 per night
Large Dogs (51+ lbs.): $21.75 per night
Oversized run: $22.75 per dog per night
Stays longer than a week are eligible for a discount.

$19.75 per night
They will be boarded in Kitty Korner. A special room where they can watch birds and lay in the sunshine.

Doggie & Kitty Daycare (any size)
Daily: $11.75
Weekly: $48.75 (Mon-Fri)
Monthly: $184.50 (Mon-Fri)